GTVFTBV: Chapter 42

 Chapter 42: Daddy, Love Grandpa! (5)

“What did you promise me? It’s just to build an amusement park for Xiaoxiao. How come do you want to develop a resort now? Still keeping it from me? Have you asked for my permission!?”

Old Master Huo was furious.

A vase smashed down, the tiles flew out, and the pieces hit Huo Xiaoxiao’s feet.

“I’m telling you, I disagree! Luming Mountain, I will never allow anyone to touch it!”

Footsteps suddenly sounded and stopped in front of Huo Xiaoxiao.

Huo Xiaoxiao looked up at Huo Suicheng, who had a serious and gloomy expression. She turned timid and subconsciously took a step to the right.

Huo Suicheng glanced at her and wanted to say something but kept quiet in the end. He opened the door and strode away from her.

Chen Bo entered from the outside. Looking at the pale face of his master, he anxiously spoke, “Master…”

Old Master Huo held the desk with one hand and waved at him. He gasped and said, “Go out, I don’t want to be disturbed.”

Looking at the mess all over the place, Chen Bo was worried about his master’s health. However, it was not easy to persuade him at this time, so he could only comfort him before leaving. “Pay attention to your health; don’t be angry.”

Then he gave Huo Xiaoxiao a look and left the study.

Huo Xiaoxiao walked to Old Master Huo and worriedly shouted, “Grandpa…”

Before she said anything, she saw Old Master Huo bowing. His hands clenched tightly to his heart, his face pale with a painful expression.


Old Master Huo couldn’t speak anymore. With the last of his strength, he pointed in a certain direction, and a word was squeezed out of his throat, “Medicine!”

Huo Xiaoxiao saw the medicine bottle in the corner along the direction of his fingers. She hurriedly picked it up. She remembered her grandfather taking medicine before, two at a time.


Old Master Huo fell straight on the sofa.

Huo Xiaoxiao couldn’t care too much. She poured two pills out of the medicine bottle, opened her grandfather’s mouth, and put them inside. Afterward, she shouted toward the door, “Uncle! Uncle!”

However, the study had good sound insulation. Huo Xiaoxiao’s throat hurt, but no one came in.

After giving him the medicine, Huo Xiaoxiao ran to the door and started beating it. “Uncle! Uncle!”


Huo Xiaoxiao looked back and saw Old Master Huo waking up. She was relieved.

“Grandpa!” There was a tremble in her voice.

“It’s okay. Grandpa is alright. I just didn’t breathe properly now. It’s an old problem. I only need a break.”

Listening to her grandfather, Huo Xiaoxiao sat on the ground, her legs soft.

Seeing that she was so worried about him, Old Master Huo, with a more loving look, stood up tremblingly and carried her to the sofa.

“Grandpa knows that Xiaoxiao cares about Grandpa most. Were you scared just now?”

Huo Xiaoxiao nodded heavily.

“Really good.” Her grandfather caressed the top of her head while panting. He slowed down his movements. “Not like your bastard father.”

Huo Xiaoxiao quickly shook her head. “Daddy, not bad!” She tried to explain, “Dad, love Grandpa!”

“Love? If that bastard loves me, why did he make me angry!”


“Good. Grandpa believes you.”

Of course, he did not.

Huo Xiaoxiao was anxious and didn’t know how to express it. What she wanted to say was stuck in her throat, and she couldn’t say anything.

“Grandpa, we… let’s try Dad.”

“Try daddy?”

Huo Xiaoxiao nodded, tilted her head, closed her eyes, and stuck out her tongue, making a fainting face.

“Grandpa, do it!”

“I do?”

“Grandpa! Dad… Dad will worry! Dad loves Grandpa!”

Old Master Huo was still puzzled; obviously, he didn’t get Huo Xiaoxiao’s meaning.

“It’s… Grandpa’s play…” She tilted her head and closed her eyes, sticking out her tongue, explaining impatiently, “Daddy will… cry… and worry!”

Old Master Huo finally realized what she meant.

“Are you trying to get me unconscious?”

Huo Xiaoxiao burst into tears.

It was too difficult, really too difficult.

“You little girl, thinking about something like this. Even if I am dead, your dad will not shed a tear!”

Huo Xiaoxiao insisted, “Grandpa! Play! Dad will cry! Really!”

Old Master Huo was silent for a moment before speaking hesitantly, “Really?”

“Really! Grandpa, quickly! Pretend!”

After talking, Huo Xiaoxiao leaped from the sofa and continued to bang the study door.

This time, someone finally opened the door.

“Xiaoxaio, what’s the matter?”

Huo Xiaxiao anxiously pointed at the sofa. “Grandpa! Pain!”

Chen Bo looked towards the sofa. Old Master Huo was sitting there with a blank expression, his head tilted with closed eyes. He stiffly covered his heart, a pained look on his face.


Chen Bo’s panicked voice attracted the attention of the servants. “Go and inform Young Master!”

“What’s the matter?” Huo Suicheng asked.

“Old Master fainted!”

Huo Suicheng’s face changed immediately after hearing the words. He went to the study without saying a word. Seeing his unconscious father on the sofa, he turned around and barked, “What are you still doing? Call an ambulance!”

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